Marigold Maxixe

by The Lives of Famous Men

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written and performed by The Lives of Famous Men: Daniel Hall, Ari Katcher, Dylan Mandel, Andrew Totemoff, Jason Wahto. words by Daniel Hall. additional performances by Chase Pagan, Paul Q Kolderie, and Adam Taylor.

produced and engineered by Paul Q Kolderie, Adam Taylor, and Alex Hartman at Camp Street Studios, Cambridge, MA. mixed by Paul Q Kolderie and Adam Taylor. mastered by Alan Douches at West West Side Music, New Windsor, NY. © April, 2010.


released October 5, 2010



all rights reserved


The Lives of Famous Men Brooklyn, New York

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Track Name: Cartographers of Little Renown
june was speaking sweetly in
all our township ears,
she pulled us to the ground.
and we jumped from the boathouse
and splintered its oak
to bathe in renewal.

take me back, june.

the borough glow grew on the other side of pines
so we jettisoned the lanterns.
and i was stumbling over a rhetorical device
with devastating candor.

take me back, june,
i want to drink until denver.
take me back, june,
say we can do this forever.

the morning enveloped the other side of five
so we paid it new attention
and listened on to brilliant sounds and wooden songs
in all their choral precedence.
Track Name: Leaves Are Coming Off of Branches
leaves are coming off of branches
and falling to the ground like little teeth.
they’re signaling the end of summer,
so won’t you come and hibernate with me

and sow a sin or two into the
ground before it’s frozen over?

sun is coming up and over
this concrete town of garden beds and homes
and chasing all the concrete foxes
into all their concrete foxes’ holes.

we’ll sow a sin or two into the
ground before it’s frozen over.
Track Name: Love, You Took Me By Surprise
love, you took me by surprise.
you wore a great disguise,
so quiet and shy,
it showed on your shoulder.

love, you took me by surprise.
oh your saltwater eyes
and I, capsized
and sprawled on the dock.

just so you know,
you’re not lost on me.
you’re not lost.

love, you took me by surprise.
under the satellites
in grandiose
panes of the morning.

love, you took me by surprise.
you took me, love.
Track Name: On and Ontario
oh, the scene was macabre,
two to the floor of the van
when we, reentering the state, passed a
bridge whose architects were gods that left it,
they left its rusted frame in the hands,
the failing hands of sinners.

and I rested my eyes for
the first time in weeks
while you lay there wondering
would you ever sleep again?

oh, and we spelled out disaster,
cute, like a broken accent.
and drunk? I’m nothing of the sort, I just
can’t, can’t seem to speak in tongues at the
moment I’m the figure of all my travels,
a weary traveling suitcase.

always the same nightmare.
will we ever pause just
to allow this love to
come remove its coat?
Track Name: Marigold Maxixe
when are you going to stop hiding
yourself away from me?
your way with words is slurred and dancing
barefoot on the balcony.
and you’re home, you’re home,
but what does that mean?

open yourself to me, love.

now I’m feeling foolish that I let you
get away from me,
but I still have your heart and that’s something
you can’t take from me.
and your validation, what does that mean?
Track Name: Suntory Time
talking across a hotel bed, and
still not used to it yet.
passed an envelope under your door,
“it gets easier.”

we’re floating in an endless sea of headlights,
unperturbed in ruby hues.

draining my endorsement at the bar,
oh, and there you are.
an indecipherable conversation.
I’m plotting our escape.

and musing on how we measure distances and space,
oh, it’s so obscure.
and how they chased us through the streets
when your friend made a scene.
Track Name: Carolina Boys Choir
tried again to write honestly,
dressed in my father’s modesty, but
the jasmine in the leaves won’t sing to me.
dig my toes down into the earth,
criticize, but for all it’s worth, I
never really had Indian feet, no, no.

a phone call home, a promise, a sigh
carrying currents off South Carolina,
thinking, “oh my god, what have I done?”
casually re-crossing the state,
humming along to audiotapes, but
oh the kids won’t want to hum along, no, no.

patron saint’s got a hand on the wheel,
this dalliance is dragging its heels, I’ve
got an awful feeling about this.
you were always the better friend,
but if I’ve the chance to love you again, just
say that you haven’t outgrown me yet, no, no.